There is always a story behind when a company has been founded no matter what is the industry. Who is behind this business? Why did she/he choose this area? How did the company get its name? How has it been founded? And more… Here is the story behind PIETRAMOSAIC on natural stone business and details about us.


Our company has founded in 2006 in Denizli, Turkey by a young entrepreneur named Mehmet Deligöz. After graduating from business school, he knew he had to do something from the family business, the sack trade. And, he turned his face to natural stone which is always a passion for him. He thought that he had to do something about all those scrap stones. They cannot just go and sit in the junkyard forever. After that, he made the research and established this business. 

From that day to now, we have been manufacturing handmade mosaics, marbles, travertines, and other kinds of stone tiles and wall cladding in our factory. In addition to that, we have 100 % export capacity to American, Canadian, and European markets actively.

Our stones mostly come from various regions of our country, Turkey. Together, we produce our goods in the World Standards and Quality.

As PIETRAMOSAIC, our purpose is to come to mind first when someone says quality for natural stone products.


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