PIETRAMOSAIC has founded in 2006 and we are working on natural stone to make them elegant marble and travertine mosaics and tiles for you.

What is Natural Stone?

Natural stone is a organic solid formation of many minerals. It was formed thousands of years ago when the Earth was just a stack of gases. While these minerals began to cool, they compressed and solidified to form the world we know today. During this process, natural stone was formed. The types of stone changes to depend on what type of minerals were combined. This was a slow process that occurred over millions of years. As the Earth began to settle, many of these seams of stone were gradually pushed to the surface by heat and pressure, creating the large formations of natural stone. A number of natural stone products quarried from the earth, used over many thousands of years as building materials and decoration. These products include marble, travertine, limestone, soapstone, onyx, and others. We, PIETRAMOSAIC, are mastered of two types of natural stone which are marble and travertine.


Think about walking around one of the palaces of Ancient Rome, getting inspired by those beautiful columns and sculptures, warm breeze is throwing the sweet smell of alyssums on you. Every step you take on the marble tiles, you could feel the coolness of the stone. When you look at what you are stepping on, there is a feast for your eyes. You could see the waves, natural cracks, and onyx in the stone… With all of the Marble collections of ours, treat yourselves as a royal!

Dream about standing on the grass barefoot. Feeling tickling of the grass under your feet, and the warmth of the Sun on your face. Hearing chirps of the birds like a sweet spring song in happiness, eying the colours of the butterflies, and smelling the wildflowers in the air. You could see all the colours around you as they are crystal clear and bright… With Travertine mosaics and tiles of ours, let nature comes into your home!


Everything you need to Know about natural stone mosaics

Colors & Models

The natural stones come to as in strips with best colors of nature to our factory. We cut, calibrate, polished, honed and give them a popular model of mosaics.

premium quality

Quality starts with purchasing the natural stone strips and never ends in PIETRAMOSAIC. Our team don't work on natural stones that is under of our standards. That is why we assure you that our mosaics and tiles have premium quality.


All of the marble and travertine mosaics and tiles are produced handmade to show you how much we care about our goods.

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Dolomite Honed Collection

Check out the newest natural stone collection of ours right now! It will bring the delicacy and style in your home!